Friday, March 20, 2009

A People of Eternal Spring

Sunday, the 29th. Mark it down and pray for our preparations leading up to that day. We will be leading worship and sharing with our family at Grace Pointe all that we learned along the way and the experiences that have so profoundly impacted our faith. We will watch a video and celebrate God's goodness. God has planted us here with a purpose, to be a people of eternal spring.

Homeward Bound

We are in the airport, awaiting the boarding of our flight to DFW. Much has already been said, but here is so much more to say regarding this mission. We look forward to reuniting with our family and friends, but we are resolved... this mission isn't over. God has a divine appointment for us all, and we are determined more than ever to live lives of love according to His will for us. Pray for our safe return. We will see you all soon.


Thursday, March 19, 2009


Parents, I just have to tell you how deeply proud I am of your children. They have loved people so graciously, sung their hearts out in a square full of people, loved little ones, painted with a cheerful hearts, and shown great love to new friends here on the mission field. Keith and I applaud your children for it is Christ shining through them. He has been mighty to love and save this week. We leave tomorrow encouraged in the faith, rejoicing in the Truth, and refined by the Spirit’s fire. I praise our Great Redeemer who has rejoiced over us with singing and blessed the work of His children’s hands. He is a mighty God who longs to give good gifts to His children. I praise your Name, Almighty God!

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Davis blogging again

the day before we leave ohhhhhh nooooo! This has been probably been the best week of my life because I have changed my perspective on a lot of things like what is really important I have learned many things about the culture and people. The time I have spent here has been great. but we aren’t done yet we are going to paint today then make a movie at the mall! Then the day of sadness comes and we go back home nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well i have to go bye.bye

A day in the life of Senor Jackson

Hey Everybody,

This experience has been a life changing thrill ride (the streets are really hilly, it makes it ironic). As much as I miss everybody back home, the people here have made Cuernavaca feel just like home. Doug told us the other day that anywhere that you have a Christ family, you can have a home. The team here is soo dynamic in that they know how to work together to make people feel like they’ve been here forever. Doug and Sandy know how to talk to people. They can find people off the streets and in minutes they have a new best friend.
Jenny, Andrew, Gabby, and Eileen have been amazing. Jenny and Andrew are the to AIMers that live here right now. They are really friendly and kinda weird, but thats why they fit in perfectly with our group. I really think they have enjoyed themselves just as much as we have. Gabby is a really sweet girl who lives in Cuernavaca. She is studying english and speaks pretty well, but she’s still very self-conscious about it. Even though she doesn’t speak very much english she has been there with us pretty much everyday. When we ate lunch after church on Sunday, Andrew told us that even though Gabby said she would come she hardly does, but somehow by God’s grace she showed up and stayed with us the whole week. Eileen is an older girl who grew up here in Mexico. When she was a senior she went to the US to be a foreign exchange student in either North or South Carolina. She’s now almost engaged to a missionary that lived here in Cuernavaca and she is overwhelmed with joy. She has one more year of college left and then she wants to get married. She has helped us so much with history, culture, and most importantly translation.
There are so many people here doing so many good things here in Cuernavaca in God’s name.

Anne Elisabeth's Take

This place is the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. It’s not just the people here with incredible physical’s their spirits. They all seem so joyful! For most of them, it seems like they would have no reason to be happy, like the world for them holds no happiness. Yet somehow, they all have unbounding joy!!! I see now how much I take for granted, along with many other people living in America, one of the most prosperous nations in the world. The way we find things to be unhappy about makes me so sad. It almost makes me angry, because God has given us so much to be happy about, and sometimes, we act like brats and ignore all the blessings he has given us. Even the ability to read, having four functional limbs, being alive and well...we don’t take the time to look at these gifts too often. The joy here, though, is so contagious! I haven’t felt such happiness in a long time, and it is absolutely magnificent. This place is just waiting for the chance to be filled with God’s love, and I am so blessed and feel so honored to be able to partake in this mission! Thank the Lord for experiences like this, experiences that allow us to become stronger in our faith and strengthen others as well.